5th Grade Social Studies

During 5th grade students will spend the year learning how the United States changed throughout history into what it is today. Students will learn how one event in history caused another event to happen. Students will take that knowledge of the United States an apply it during our annual 5th grade fieldtrip to Living History Farms. Students will see how farming has changed through history. Students will also tour Walnut Grove to learn and see what life was like during the post Civil War Era. Below are themes we will cover during the year in Social Studies.


Indian Theme


Revolutionary War

Students will learn how Indians came to America, and adapted to the different climates. Students will learn about various tribes in America.   Students will learn why other countries began to explore the world, the first colonies to settle America, and why we began to settle in America and push the Indians away.  Students will learn why Britain started to tax the colonist, different types of taxes. and what started the war. Students will learn about events that happened during the war. Students will also learn about the Declaration of Independence. Students will learn what it means to us today.
New Government Civil War
Students will learn why the colonists voted to have a central government. Students will learn about the 3 branched of government.  Students will learn about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they have. Students will learn about a war that divided the north from the south, what caused it to happen, and events that happened during the war.

Practice learning the states and capitals