5th Grade Science

All students have a favorite subject. For some students its science, and for some it isn't. As a teacher I love teaching science because I spent most of my life growing up with chemistry kits, tearing things apart, and was always caught reading science books. As a teacher I will try and instill my love of science to students. In 6th grade students will begin to question the world around them, and not to just take things for granted. Students will be asked to question things, and to think outside the box.



Periodic Table

Newton's Laws of Motion

Students will start off the year in life science where students will learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers. Students will learn how vital the sun is in a variety of food webs. Students will study various ecosystems and biomes, and they will even create their own ecosystem.



Students will spend time understanding how atoms are different from the cells they learned about last year. Students will learn how the Periodic Table is layed out, learn the chemical makeup of various household things like salt and sugar. Students will learn how matter can be changed and how heat affects objects.



Students will learn why things move the ways they do. Students will also learn why a truck gets 15 - 18 MPG, and a car gets 22-34 MPG. Students will take their knowledge they have learned to build a car they think will travel the farthest. 


Outer Space

Light and Sound



In this 5-6 week unit students will leave Earth, to understand the world above them. Students will learn about formation of stars, galaxies, moon phases, and the affect on the sun and the moon on Earth. Students will also visit other planets with the use of the next generation Star Lab.


Students will spend a few weeks learning what makes light and sound.  Students will learn how the eye and the ear work. Students will even get the chance to dissect a pig's eye.


Students will learn about the different types of weather. Student will learn what causes weather, and how to read a forecast map. Students will also learn about weather events that have happened in history.


5th grade science books for online help. They are all the same books just published in different years.



During each of our science theme students will have essential questions to answer to show they understand various topics in a theme. Something we are trying new is blogging where students to share there answers online for other students and parents to see. If students are struggling with a question or a theme, they can go and see what other students are posting to get additional help.  Click on the picture below to start blogging.


Link to watch Bill Nye Videos



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